Care & Maintenance


Bull Care & Maintenance

Check your bulls regularly

I cannot reiterate enough the importance of the information below, especially the bit about how important it is to check them once they are out with the cows.

By this, I mean to spend a bit of time with them in the paddock until you observe them actually serving a cow or two. You may have to be patient and do this over a couple of days.

It is within your interests to do this as it might mean the difference between 100% conception and 0% which is no good for anyone’s breeding programme.

Points on caring for your new bull

A Turihaua Sire that you select and purchase will be leaving the security of a mob situation (up to 20).

  • Once you get him home ensure that you give him a mate. This could be a steer or an old cow. This will help him settle.
  • Avoid placing him straight into a mob of older bulls.
  • Ensure too that the paddock you place him in is sufficiently big enough for him to have adequate feed requirements. He will be used to a little good quality hay if required.
  • Our bulls are vaccinated, drenched and dipped prior to sale. They have also been Vet checked and Service Capacity tested.
  • A 2-year-old bull is still a teenager in our terms. He needs a bit more time and care than a 3 to 5-year-old bull.
  • Avoid placing young sires with old experienced ones in the same mating groups. The older bull will dominate the mating.
  • Where possible mate sires to similar-aged heifers or cows.
  • Always keep an eye on them while they are out with the cows. Observe him serving so that you know the job is being done.
  • If you are single mating your cows I suggest you use a fresh bull to follow for the second cycle.
  • If you are concerned about him observe him more closely over a couple of days. Bulls can develop colds or other infections that could cause a drop in their semen count. If you’re still concerned call your vet and have him checked. You cannot afford to have a non-performing bull out with your cows. If the vet suspects problems with the bull’s fertility, please get in touch with me as we may be able to lend you a bull in the meantime.
  • After the mating season has ended bulls should be drenched and put into a paddock with enough feed in front of them. Adequate feed will help settle them and eliminate fighting if in a mob situation.