Guarantee of Quality


Our 3 Year Guarantee of Quality

All bulls are guaranteed for a period of three years for fertility and soundness.


All bulls must pass a rigorous Serving Capacity test for fertility before they make the sale. This test identifies and removes the bulls that are unfit to be mated. Bulls with a medium (will serve up to 30 cows a cycle) to very high serving capacity, are available for sale.


All bulls must also pass a rigorous test for structural soundness, testicle size and confirmation by Eastland Vet Services.

If for any reason a Turihaua bull, within the “Three Year Guarantee” period does not perform as a result of his own fertility or structural defect, excluding injury, we will refund the purchase price or part thereof over the 3 years of Guarantee.

Conditions of Guarantee
  • Notify the breeder, so he can advise on Guarantee procedures.
  • A vet certificate or letter of infertility or unsoundness must be sent to the breeder.
  • Please notify the breeder prior to disposing of the bull unless for humane reasons
What Turihaua bulls haveWhat it means to you
Long history (over 100 years of breeding)Predictability and security on your purchase
Performance and Breedplan assessedThe right bull for the task
Inherent quiet temperamentOperator safety and improved carcase quality
Inherent structural soundnessLess risk of breakdown and loss
VersatilityMore options for profit
Fertility assessedMore calves per dollar invested
New Zealand's best 3 year guaranteeBetter security on your purchase
Turihaua Bull Quality Assurance
  • Pasture reared
  • Weighed at birth
  • Yearling heifers mated
  • Performance assessed through Breedplan
  • No unnecessary supplementation
  • Accurate identification and recording
  • Service capacity tested
  • Independent veterinary check for soundness
  • Vaccinated regularly with 7 in 1
  • T.B. Accredited Free Herd
  • Brucellosis and mannosidosis free herd
  • 3 Year Guarantee for fertility and soundness
  • Inspected for sale by Angus Society Inspectors
  • BVD tested – negative and vaccinated
  • AM, NH, CA and DD tested free or remain untested free