Annual Sale

by Murray Robertson  |  excerpt from the Gisborne Herald

Turihaua Angus produced an average similar to last year yesterday when it sold 63 out of 67 rising two-year-old bulls put up for sale.

As usual the on-farm auction drew a packed house to the stud’s rostrum.
Five bulls drew the top price of $16,000.

The sale average was $9285 and 26 sold for five figures.

The price range for the rest ranged from $4500 to $9500.

“The average is about the same as last year and we’re thrilled with that,” studmaster Paul Williams said.

“What a glorious day for a bull sale and we appreciated the great loyalty shown to us by our regular clients. Everyone got an option. No one missed out on a bull.

“It was a solid commercial line-up and they sold accordingly.”

Auctioneer Neville Clark said everyone who took part in the auction had an opportunity to buy a bull at their money.

“The bulls represented very good buying, given the iconic history of the Turihaua stud.

“It was a successful sale,” Mr Clark said.

It was the first time Paul and Sarah Williams presented the line-up as owners of the stud.

“To mark the occasion, they presented Hamish and Angela Williams (Paul’s parents and former owners of Turihaua) with flowers and an Angus-hide rug.

Sale details

Inverary Station $16,000; Mokairau Station $14,000; Kohata Ltd $13,000; CP Healey $11,000; Ohinewairua Ltd $15,000, $15,000, $16,000, $5000, $10,000, $7500; Pihitia Station $13,000; Te Ruae Farm $16,000, $13,000, $6000; Herrick Land Co $11,500; Kiwikawa Farm $12,000, $6000; Hereheretau Station $12,000; Te Korau Station $12,000, $13,000; Tauwharetoi Station $10,500, $8500; Pakihiroa Farms $9500; Dunbar Farming $7000; Kowhairau $8500; McNeil Farming Ltd $8000, $7500; EJ Gordon Livestock $5000, $5500, $5500, $5000; Sunworth Ltd $13,000, $8000; M.White $8000, $5500; Norana Station $10,000; GM Williams $10,000, Arai Matawai $11,000; Paparatu Station $8000; Pohaturoa Station $6000, $7000; M.Story $13,000; Lovell Lands Ltd $16,000; Hildreth Farms $16,000; Ingleby NZ $11,500; B.Butler $7000; Rimunui Station $7000; D Giddings $13,500, $6500; Kiihfuss Bros $7500; K Beazley $5500; Mt View Farms $8000, $7000; Matariki P/ship $7000, $6500; J Hayes $9000; Makarora River Ranch $7500; S Ashman $7000, $5500: Te Ruae Farm $6000; Gisborne Paddock Account $4500, $5500; Longbeach Forest Farm $5000, $4500.