Annual Sale

by Murray Robertson  |  excerpt from the Gisborne Herald

History was made at the Turihaua Angus rising two-year-old bull sale yesterday afternoon when the renowned stud achieved its highest-ever price.

The Gisborne component of Bull Week ended in spectacular fashion when Lot 3 in Turihaua’s sale rocketed up to $72,000, just a few minutes after Lot 2 made $62,000.

Kenhardt Angus from Nuhaka and Hallmark Angus from Tutira combined for the successful $62,000 buy.

The $72,000 bull went to Oregon Angus from Masterton.

Turihaua studmaster Paul Williams said at the start that the 69 bulls on offer were in his view “an exceptional line-up that will fit anyone’s programme”.

A couple of hours later that comment was plainly to the point.

All 69 sold for an average of $12,731, which was up on the stud’s 2021 result.

“We really appreciate the support we got today and we’re proudest of the fact that there was a bull there for everyone.”

In reference to the two top-selling bulls, Mr Williams said: “I always knew they were good bulls, they had the potential from the beginning.
“To reach $72,000, the first time ever we’ve sold a bull for that high, it’s a special moment for the whole family and everyone at the stud.

“We’re also rapt at the increased average this year. The spread of value was there for everyone in the sale — from $5000 upwards.”

Auctioneer Neville Clark said it was an “awesome sale”.

“A total clearance with a bull for everyone. We knew the top two or three would be highly sought after and that turned out to be the case.

“This was one of those years that studs like Turihaua experience when the stand-out bulls come along.

“They were a great line-up of cattle right through the catalogue and a reflection of the strength in the Turihaua cow herd.”

Emma Pollitt, from PGG Wrightson, described it as “an unreal sale . . . very strong, with support from all over the country”.

Sale details

Waitawhiti Land Company $17,000, $16,000, $14,000; Kenhardt Angus/ Hallmark Angus $62,000; Oregon Angus $72,000; Te Ruae Farm Ltd $15,000; Ohinewairua Ltd $12,000, $8500, $11,000, $15,500; $15,000, $11,000, $11,000, $5500, $10,500; Kohata Stn $14,000,$13,000; Sunworth Ltd $11,000, $10,500; Inverary Stn $13,000, $10,000; Te Korau Stn $17,000; $14,500; Arapata Holdings Ltd $12,000; Bidr Livestream $16,000; Arai Matawai $14,500, $15,000; McNeil Farming Ltd $12,500, $12,500, $8000, $8500, $6500, $12,500; Hallmark Angus $14,000; RHR Bell $7000; Papatu Stn $7000, $11,500; Ingleby NZ $16,000; Eastland Farms Ltd $11,500; NJ Harnett $13,000, $10,500; Pihitia Station $13,000, $7500, $7000; Puketiti Stn $10,000, $13,000, $9000, $10,500, $6500; BV Butler $15,500; Mt View Farms $14,500, $13,000, $11,500, $14,000; Kereru Stn $13,000; Tauwharetoi Stn $10,000; Mangatoitoi Stn $10,000, Marangairoa C4 $7000, $5500, $5500, $5500, $5500; TD Wheeler 15,000; Raukura Stn P/ship $6000; Puketoi Estates $10,500; Paparatu Station $8000, $5500, $9000; L and R Fisher $11,500.